The Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame, Inc. (GMVHOF) is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] that is based and incorporated in Georgia whose objective is to publicly emphasize the honor brought to our state and nation by the sacrifice of Georgia Military Veterans and their families.







The medallion to be presented to the annual Hall of Fame inductees will be in the form of the engraved logo with the inductee’s name.

The logo visually represents the
organization and its relationship to the state of Georgia. The front consists of the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame arranged around an image of the state of Georgia. The back consists of the five military services listed in order of founding and surrounding the Veterans name,
USA and Ps 60:12.



Press Release




The primary purpose for which the corporation has been organized is exclusively charitable and educational; more specifically, to honor Georgia military veterans and to educate and inform the public of their outstanding accomplishments.
Up to fifteen Georgia military veterans will be inducted into the hall of fame each year and awarded the Hall of Fame Medallion(™) during the annual banquet. Of the fifteen inductees, up to ten will be selected exclusively for their valorous military performance, up to five for their extraordinary achievements and up to five will be selected for their combined military/civilian service to our community, state, and nation.




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